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It's my passion to build intuitive and exciting user experiences, and human-centered design is a staple in my work. I've been the principal developer on projects where end users include non-profits, university students, and the general public. See for yourself on my C.V.

I'm interested in lightweight development with the JAMstack and its emergent intersection between front and back-end development. I've completed projects requiring SSG deployment, browser extensions, serverless functions, and serverless databases.

I'm currently seeking a full-time position — let's get in touch!



  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • RegExp

  • Netlify
  • Azure
  • Google API
  • Firestore


  • UVM Votes: Improve student civic engagement with a data-driven approach. Construct a site which serves as a one page instructional, blog, and meeting minutes keeping system.
  • Unwaitlist.io: Gets students off course waitlists by texting them when their class has availability.
  • Colorify: Chrome extension which changes the hue of words to match the color they're naming.
  • Online card-game: An Apples-to-Apples like card game which lets people join remotely via their phones. Requires a game admin to play.


The University of Vermont | 2018–Present
  • Political Science
  • Honors College
Université de Caen | 2022–Present


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